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Creating Fun, Healthy Relationships

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Agility has become our main training focus because it’s FUN!

Our approach to agility may be a little bit different. There is so much more to it than simply running your dog around a course. Your relationship with your dog is a priority – your energy, body language and mindset are key elements in creating a harmonious relationship.

Should you choose to compete, your DOG will run “naked” (no leash, collar, treats and/or toys) so all you have is your “good looks and charm” aka – relationship. The best part about that? Relationship is a life skill that is valid everywhere!

You may get a little dirty in the beginning or perhaps stuck in a tunnel (yep, serious) but your dog sure doesn’t care and they will love you even more because of it!

Why not come out and give it a try? You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

No leash, no corrections, no limits on what you can do.

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Agility is highly addictive!!!

Why else would we play in the wind, rain and snow, right Rachael?


Did you know that a dog’s style of weaving is influenced by his height, stride length, and sense of rhythm!


Just like weaving, a dog’s jumping style is all his or her own. Some dogs jump with front and/or rear legs tucked or extended or any combination thereof! The important factor in a dog’s jumping ability is to teach them to jump with confidence so their personal style is bold and safe.

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