Dog Agility

Dog agility made its first appearance in England in 1978 at the Crufts Dog Show. Its creators had devised a kind of “steeplechase for dogs” to entertain the spectators between show events. What they actually created was a brand new sport for all dog lovers!

Agility arrived in North America in 1986 and has become one of the fastest growing dog sports. If you’ve ever watched it, or played it, you can understand why! It is a team sport (you and your dog) and is run against the clock, in competition.   In class, we focus on having FUN!  This is a great way to build your relationship with your dog plus it has other positive benefits.


  • Great exercise for you and your dog

  • Builds confidence in a timid/unsure dog

  • Your dog pays more attention to you outside of the agility ring

  • Gives your bored dog something to do

  • Will condition your dog (you too) because it is active

  • Most of all, AGILITY IS FUN!!!

Who can play agility?


Do I need a border collie?

No! The great thing about agility is that any dog can play! It doesn’t matter what breed – mixed, purebred, little or big, as long as they have a desire to run and have fun, they can play!

Does my dog need special training to start?

Nothing other than some basic obedience skills.   Your dog will learn all the necessary skills in class. It will actually help to strengthen your basic obedience skills such as sit, down, wait and come.

How old does my dog have to be?

Even puppies at 5-6 months of age can start. They are carefully monitored on jumping and weaving but they can still learn all of the equipment.

What type of things will they do?

Your dog will be guided through an “obstacle course” by you. They will get to run through tunnels, a closed chute, over the A-frame, run the “dog walk”, jump and even go over a teeter totter.

How often do we go to class?

Once a week for approximately 50 minutes. That’s it. When you get really hooked, you’ll probably want to have some of your own equipment at home!