Sheila Keddy (and Abby) both attended a PCTIA (Private Career Training Institutions Agency) accredited dog trainer’s program.  Sheila graduated with top marks and is recognized as a Professional Dog Trainer.  She also has her DOGSAFE Canine First Aid certificate.


Sheila started out teaching obedience but soon discovered agility, which has become her main focus and passion.  Obedience is necessary for every dog.  Once you have that, there are so many options …..  Sheila has found that agility is an amazing way to build your relationship with your dog, keep fit and have fun!  No leash, no corrections, no limits on what you can do!

Sheila’s main passion in her life has always been animals – horses and dogs.  Most of her childhood involved a family dog.   Her childhood dream of owning a horse was fulfilled 36 years ago.  Current “critter” count:  2 horses, 2 miniature donkeys and 3 dogs!

Having worked with horses for so many years, she understands that physical force is not the way you create a harmonious relationship with your best friend.  She feels strongly that body language and energy are key elements.  You need to learn what your dog is telling you and you need to be aware of what your body language is saying.  Quite often the body language and the spoken word do not match.

Sheila views dogs in a holistic way.  She has dealt with issues such as dog aggression, dominant/assertive behaviour, shy/timid/ fearful and a common one, lack of exercise, with her own dogs.   See the training page for more on each of these “opportunities to learn”.

She has been very busy learning in the past couple of years and has been fortunate to see Dr. Ian Dunbar.  She also completed a 6 week course, “Managing Canine Behaviour” with Mike Annan of  Sal Pacific Obedience and she maintains her certification with DOGSAFE Canine First Aid.

Sheila has been fortunate to participate and/or audit agility seminars with some phenomenal dog handlers, most of them competing at the world level:  Kathy Keats (The Agility Coach),  Barb Davis, Nicki Gurr, Stacey Peardout-Goudy, Kim Collins and most recently, Susan Garrett.

Ringo and Sheila earned a spot to compete in the NATIONAL AGILTY CHAMPIONSHIP  Trial in August 2012, and got a 9th place in a Jumpers run.    Wow, pretty good for a Mexican street dog!!!!

Sheila and Ringo continue to learn and are fortunate to be taking lessons with a world level competitor, right here on the island (Nicki Gurr).   Nicki has introduced a whole new way of handling and one that makes so much sense – it is based on body language, which is your dog’s primary method of communication   🙂

Sheila and Abby  have recently  (October 2014) completed a beginner’s FREESTYLE course, aka dancing with your dog  🙂    What a blast –   we got to learn some really cool tricks.    This is another great way to work with your dog and learn how they learn.   Not everyone can run a dog in agility but  there are so  many other ways to play with your best friend.