Puppy Training

Puppy classes are an important part of your new pup’s life and we want to help you get off to a good start.   There are many excellent books written about puppy (and dog) training by authors like Dr. Ian Dunbar, Patricia McConnell, Cesar Millan, Turid Rugaas, the list goes on .   However, as in any good relationship, there are TWO equal sides and your pup is only one half of it.   Hmmm…..together you can learn a lot .

Our classes offer a basic understanding of body language, how to keep your pup safe and prevent door dashing, house manners, how to politely greet people without  jumping up, how to behave on leash, patience (for both of you), a chance to play with other pups, how polite dogs greet (not face to face) and a couple of simple tricks.

FIELD TRIPS.   A public location  for more socialization.    The 2nd one will be an introduction to agility at our agility training location.  Why agility?  It’s fun!  It builds your relationship with your dog, increases focus, it is  physical and mental (for you and your dog).  Oh, did I mention it’s FUN???

We will help your pup to understand basic commands such as “sit”, “down” and “off”.  Your pup already knows how to sit and lie down, they just don’t understand english yet!

You will learn some canine body language and a better understanding of clear communication with your pup.   For example, charging towards your pup and loudly calling her to “come” will only send her running away from you!   Why?   Your  BODY LANGUAGE is clearly stating “GO”!!!

Our tag line, “where learning is fun” is also our philosophy.  We want  you and your pup to have a stress free environment because learning can be fun!