Hello, this is my first blog on my new updated site!!!   I never thought I would have anything to blog about but I sure do now……

We all like to give supplements to our dogs because we love them so much and want them to be healthy, right?   I had a recent experience with one that I feel I need to share.

I had been giving all 3 of my dogs Canine Omega 3 fish oil supplement, with great results ( clue …) for quite a while.  It is made here in Canada, in Nova Scotia  🙂

I was recently introduced to a line of products by BiologicVET and was told aka “sold” by the rep that their BioFATS Omega 3-6-9 was a superior product and would give my dogs more benefit, especially when paired with one of  their other products – Joint Supplement or Sport Supplement.    Ok, I thought, let’s run with this.   Abby was the first one to go on both the Joint Supplement and the BioFATS.   Ringo and Rosie were finishing off the Canine Omega 3 oil and then switched to the BioFATS.   I was away for a week and it was during this time the “oil change” took place.

I noticed a change in Ringo when I returned.  He seemed “off” and just not himself.   We were at agility class on Thursday night and he had no energy, no interest and seemed quite winded.  All he wanted to do was SLEEP, all day.  He would get up, walk around, lie down and go back to sleep.  He is a high energy dog,  who just one month prior (June 17-19) was “on fire” and running his fastest times ever at the BC Yukon Regional Agility Championship.

Sunday I took him for chiropractic – very minor adjustments and even the vet confirmed he just wasn’t right.

Monday I noticed he looked “fat”  – again, this is a very lean, athletic, fit dog.

Tuesday morning, off to the vet’s office for an exam. We started with blood work for diagnosis as she agreed he was “off” but his vitals were all good.  He had just undergone dental surgery on May 3 and his blood work was absolutely fine so we had a very recent baseline for comparison.

Imagine my surprise when the vet told me there was so much oil / fat in his blood that they had a hard time separating the serum out to do the test !!!!   They had to put the sample in the freezer (to separate the oil) so they could run the test.  There was concerns about his pancreas so another test was run.  Fortunately, all the results came back positive. So what was the cause ?  The BioFATS oil, confirmed by the vet.  I had taken the brochure for her to see and she questioned the Olive oil and the Flaxseed oils present in this.  She also explained that Omega 6 is naturally occurring in foods and is an inflammatory.  Omega 3 is used to balance it out.   Ringo was on the supplement for approximately 10 – 14 days!  

Needless to say, all 3 of my dogs are OFF this supplement.   The vet recommended a bland diet and NO supplements to help his system clear.  In addition, the dogs are getting Bentonite Clay to help draw out the toxins along with exercise, encourage water drinking and massage of the lymph node area to help clear the residual oil.

I am pleased to report that Ringo is well on his way back to normal. 🙂  Abby and Rosie have a different system and  metabolism and while the product is not the best for them, it certainly didn’t affect them like Ringo.

On the plus side, I did have Ringo on the BiologicVET  SPORT supplement along with the Canine Omega 3 oil and WOW, he was amazing !!!    This is what he was on prior to and at regionals.   The vet gave a 2 thumbs up on the SPORT supplement  🙂  which I will use again.   She noted that it does contain chromium which is helpful in the production of Mitochondria.   I recently learned the value of Mitochondria and it’s link to energy and our cells.

Please, please, if you are going to use supplements, be careful what you choose and how much you feed.  Less can indeed be more.  You know your dog best !