If you love your dog, you will love Keddy’s K-9 Camp! Sheila Keddy provides a safe and fun environment for you and your dog to develop that closer relationship. Her progressive training takes you and your pet to places unimaginable! You must experience this canine connection first hand. I recommend highly Sheila’s expertise.

Jim Fleischmann and Angie, Coombs

My dog and I have been taking agility classes from Sheila off and on for some time now. We have so much fun and Sheila is so patient with all of us. I would recommend a class to anyone who wants to keep their dog happy. Lucky just loves going and gets excited as soon as he knows where we are headed.

Ana Brune and Lucky

….what was I thinking? A 50 something woman deciding to add a 10 week old Cairn Terrier to her household. I wondered how I was going to keep this very active little fellow mentally and physically occupied. My neighbour suggested agility classes so we signed up. The classes have been terrific. He is challenged both mentally and physically and, believe me, so am I. Sheila is an exceptionally patient instructor. She has helped us to realize that we do have potential. Most importantly she has made agility fun – not only for the dog but also for this 50 something woman!

Jane Williams

I brought along Bailey, my husky/cross rescue,  to try agility.  I had no idea what I was doing, nor did my beautiful, young rescue.   Sheila helped me a lot with tips regarding her training/obedience and after one year we are having such a lot of fun.   Bailey is much more attentive thanks to Sheila’s advice on how to communicate with her.   She is a young dog and enjoys the mental stimulation as well as the exercise.  I am retired and not that agile!  However, with Sheila’s help the dog works harder than I do!!  Sheila is totally devoted to helping all the dogs and owners and  has endless patience with us all.  I urge anyone to give it a try, it is a wonderful way to spend time with “man’s best friend”

Dee and Bailey Russell

I have been doing dog agility with Sheila Keddy for about 2 years. My dog is dominant with other dogs so I was pretty nervous about being in a group at first. Sheila helped me through that and we’re still a work in progress but we love agility! My dog loves it and it’s a great way to bond with your dog and get exercise too. Sheila is a great teacher, always learning new things to teach us so we all grow with our dogs. I have learned so much about myself and my dog with Sheila’s help and am very thankful for her guidance and friendship. If you want to have a happier, more obedient dog, definitely try agility. You won’t regret it!

Rachael Rudd and Dexter


We have been taking agility with Sparty for 2 successful years in Nanaimo and have learned so much. When classes were not offered in the summer , we decided to check and see if Sheila was offering any as Sparty was still having some issues. Our first day at Keddy’s K-9 quickly identified and resolved these! Great to have a fresh perspective and advice. Thanks Sheila! Love the dog arena and gorgeous area where you teach your classes.

J, M and Sparty


My husband and I and our Sheltie, Jasper, have been taking agility lessons from Sheila for about 3 years now. It is the highlight of my week! I remember the first time Jasper and I finished an 18 obstacle course without any faults – there were tears in my eyes and I was completely overwhelmed with the whole aspect of “teamwork” with my dog. Sheila’s classes are all about fun and even though my husband and I are in our 60’s, we just love the challenge and learning new things with Jasper. The classes are very casual, with lots of laughs and it is so rewarding to see Jasper have so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have an additional way of bonding with their dog.

Judy, Randy and Jasper