We love the people and dogs we help. The following is some of the great words they have to say about the fun we have learning together.


Gail & Georgia

Georgia and I have been playing with Sheila for well over 2 years. We both love it! Agility has provided us with the special bond one experiences with a partner. What else can one want from their relationship with their dog? Agility is great exercise for both the mind and body. I’ve learned so much about communication, coordination, strategy and so much more. The human member of the team, (me)struggled with agility at first, but when I finally started to understand it, my self confidence really improved, and I felt like I could achieve almost anything I put my mind to. Georgia and I play twice a week and honestly, if we could play every day, we would.

Sue & Dude

Working with Sheila has helped Dude and I manage his energy. He never gets bored at agility!!!

Kelly & Finn

Agility at Keddy’s K9 is fun. Sheila is a great instructor and always finds something positive to say while telling you what you could do differently to make your run better. Added bonus – fun matches combined with the occasional potluck!

Susan & Bailey

Hi, My name is Susan Strader and I have a 4 year old Silver Belgian Tervuren- her name is Bailey. Bailey had a “brother” CR who passed away at the end of June 2017- he was just short of his 16th birthday. We lived on 2 acres in Ontario and Bailey’s soul interactions were our neighbours x 3 families and any visitors who came to the house- a fairly quiet existence. In October of 2017 we moved to BC- we knew Bailey was missing CR, and we were searching for another Tervuren puppy to bring home for companionship- we were unsuccessful. Bailey was very social with people she knew but extremely cautious with those she didn’t particularly men for a reason we couldn’t figure out. So…….. I researched/thought of ideas to get her out to meet others- and found Sheila and Agility. I have a niece( Darcie) who is very involved in agility and in fact is now an instructor. I know the devotion that agility takes, I have gone to shows with Darcie and have watched her with her dog Indigo.- amazing!!!! I saw Tervurens and Malinois in the classes so why not with Bailey……. so we enrolled. At first Bailey was extremely cautious, unsure, timid and with Sheila’s patience, kindness and devotion to what she loves I can not believe that I have the same dog as before we started. Bailey knows that Tuesday is usually our class day and on many occasions she paces back and forth to the door, saying “come on Mom, isn’t it time to go?”. When we go out the door- she bounces over to the car- “open the door- lets go” hops into the car and lays right down on her back seat bed. “I’m ready”. Bailey loves it- I can’t keep up with her at times- it has been a huge training curve for me never mind her. I think owners should go to classes first- ha ha ha. I can’t thank Sheila enough for everything she has done with Bailey, her patience and understanding have made a huge difference in my dogs life. We have recently found out that Bailey will never be able to compete- her jumps are restricted- she has a structure issue in her right fore leg – but it won’t stop her from going on a weekly basis and having fun. Keeps Mom in shape and in line too.

Lori, Kuma & Bear

Kuma, Bear, and I have been playing and learning with Sheila for a little over a year. Our experience has been amazing! Building a strong relationship on the course has helped with our off leash adventures and created less reactive Shibatude. Sheila is a great mentor and teacher! I highly recommend playing agility for anyone looking to have more fun and communication in their doggy relationships!

Kiyomi & Shelby

Agility has done wonders for me and Shelby in building confidence, and strengthening our partnership, inside and outside the ring. I’m amazed to see the change in Shelby, who started out as a timid, reactive dog, transforming into a playful athlete! We very much appreciate Sheila’s and our classmates’ understanding and acceptance of Shelby’s behavioural issues, and for creating a safe environment for us to learn and grow together. Who would have imagined a Shiba-Inu in Agility?!

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!

Rachael, Louie, Chloe & Maybelline

I’ve been playing agility with Sheila since Feb 8, 2008. In those days I had a reactive lab named Dexter who didn’t really love agility but got me hooked. When we brought Louie home we started playing right away. He’s nine years old now and we’ve learned so much from Sheila. Thanks to her we received out Agility trial champion ribbon, our biggest achievement. Sheila taught me and my blind dog Chloe too so there’s nothing she can’t help you with. She has so much patience and knowledge and most importantly it’s always about fun! No pressure here just fun learning! Now I’ve started a new girl named Maybelline. She’s fast so I need to learn new skills so let the learning and fun continue. I’m excited for the future. Agility is such a fun sport, it’s full of supportive people who love dogs. It’s great exercise and brings your relationship with your dog to a whole new level. Team work at it’s best!. Hope you’ll give it a try you won’t regret it.

Esther & Chance

When I signed up for agility training with Sheila, I thought Chance and I would attend a few classes and that would be that. But here we are, seven months later, still attending classes and still enjoying them immensely. As Sheila says, agility is highly addictive and I can attest to that! I wanted to challenge my dog mentally and physically (as well as myself) and agility has done that and more. It’s fun! And it is so rewarding to take your dog through an obstacle course for the first time. Part of the attraction is Sheila herself. Not only does she know how to get the best out of a dog and his/her owner, she’s infinitely patient and has a wonderful sense of humour that make the classes enjoyable for everyone. Highly recommended!

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